2,000 Beers, 200 Days and Zero Hangovers? One Man Pulled It Off.

And the whole process was documented on TikTok

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Only 1,999 to go.
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Is there something in the water in the U.K. right now that’s inspiring feats of longevity and endurance — many of which involve booze? Earlier this year, one man completed the Herculean task of visiting every extant location of the pub chain Wetherspoons; now, another British man has accomplished a task reminiscent of the film Super Size Me, but with more beer.

As SWNS reports (via Yahoo! News), Jon May decided in April that he would endeavor to drink 2,000 beers — and all told, it took him 200 days and cost approximately £18,000 (or just over $22,000) between the beer itself and transportation to get to assorted bars. What is perhaps most miraculous about May’s feat — which, again, involves drinking an average of 10 beers per day for over six months — is that May claims that he hasn’t had a single hangover during that time.

Then again, he’s also 25 years old.

As SWNS reports, May has documented his absurd feat of alcohol consumption on TikTok, and in doing so has amassed no less than 123,000 followers there. “It does feel like a mildly impressive achievement,” May told SWNS. “I don’t think anybody else has done this before. It felt like a very British thing to do.”

For sheer endurance, May’s accomplishment is certainly notable. There are some other truly prodigious feats of drinking out there that may never be equaled — including, as Thrillist reported in 2018, Andre the Giant imbibing over 100 beers in a single sitting multiple times over the course of his life. (Pro tip: do not try this at home, or at your local bar.)

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There are some other intriguing world records out there when it comes to alcohol consumption, as Aaron Goldfarb documented for VinePair in 2022. This includes the feats of one Peter G. Dowdeswell, who could reportedly drink a single pint of beer in 2/5 of a second.

Then again, it’s also worth considering the ever-present quality versus quantity debate. As impressive as the bragging rights for consuming mass quantities might be, there’s also something to be said for savoring a glass of a well-made beer over time.


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