This Japanese Gin Was Crafted from Unused Budweiser

Stalled sales due to COVID-19 led one distillery to recycle old beer into a new spirit

Revive gin was crafted from 80,000 unused Budweiser cans
Revive gin was crafted from 80,000 unused Budweiser cans
The Ethical Spirits Co.

Crafting booze from unused beer is a new reality in our pandemic times.

Fortunately, it does lead to some interesting recycling ideas. The Ethical Spirits & Co. (based in Tokyo) just announced a new gin crafted from 80,000 cans of Budweiser. The sustainability-minded brand had previously created gin by reusing sake lees discarded during sake brewing.

The new Budweiser-themed product is called, natch, Revive. As for why the need to recycle the beer, the Robb Report notes sales of the brew had fallen 52 percent over the last few months during COVID-19, so excess inventory was an issue.

Here’s how the distillery describes Revive (translated):

“While respecting the manufacturing method and background of Budweiser, we have developed it with the aim of creating a gin with an innovative aroma and taste. Beer chips are soaked in undistilled Budweiser liquor and beer is added. After that, juniper berries, hops and lemon peel were added and distilled to complete. The light and elegant taste of ‘compound gin’ is finished and the sweet taste is characterized by matching with salty, spicy, and deep-tasting foods.”

The gin is available on Ethical’s site for about $52.


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