Thirsty? Say Hello to The Spill.

InsideHook’s latest weekly newsletter is for anyone interested in drinks news, reviews and culture — or if you’re just looking for something new to sip come 5 o'clock.

March 8, 2023 7:22 am
Welcome to The Spill
Welcome to The Spill

Nothing beats hearing about a cool, new thing — a band, designer, TV show…you name it. But for immediate gratification, few recs get me as excited as a great beer. (This is me, insert your own poison here.)

Back in the early days of the craft beer explosion, I met a friend of a friend online who found my blog (now I’m really dating myself), and we began to email back and forth about our favorite beers. I was in New York and he lived in Ohio, but it might as well have been Venus and Mars. To sate our sudsy cravings, we each carefully packaged up our favorite local beers and sent them (yup, through U.S. Mail) to each other on the regular. Boxes would arrive — with only a broken bottle or two — and I’d have new, amazing crop of brews to try. Finding something good to drink is a lot easier these days, but maybe not easy enough. 

Enter The Spill.

The spirit of our brand new weekly drinks newsletter — which goes far beyond beer into the worlds of whiskey, tequila, wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic spirits…basically anything you can sip — is that same sense of discovery. Only this friend (no offense, Zac) is an expert. A team of experts, really. Led by our senior lifestyle editor Kirk Miller, who has been covering spirits for a long time. If you’ve been reading InsideHook for a bit you are probably familiar with his work and, if you love a brown liquor there is no doubt you’ve already gotten more than a few of his suggestions about what to drink. 

But The Spill — dropping every Thursday — is a lot more than just recommendations and reviews. One of the things that I love about drink culture is just how expansive it is: Amazing makers and entrepreneurs, incredible history and spirits tourism, inventive bartenders and exceptional bars. It’s a lot. And, I think, whether you’re casually interested in what to order next time or a hardcore single malt collector you’ll find something to like every week. And beyond all of the great articles there’ll be a few surprises too, including happy hour playlists and recipes for some amazing cocktails. 

So go ahead and sign up for The Spill. I guarantee lots of great drinks — and no broken glass. Cheers.


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