This Very Real Beer Tasting Job Is Only for Dogs

Busch is hiring a Chief Tasting Officer for its pup-friendly brew

a dog seemingly filling out an application to be the Chief Tasting Officer for Busch's Dog Brew
Busch may want your dog to help create and promote its Dog Brew release.

Wanted: Chief Tasting Officer for a beer brand.

Great job opening, right? But this one’s for the dogs. Literally. Busch is looking for a CTO for its Busch Dog Brew, a booze-free (how trendy!) pork bone-broth brew for canines that sold out in 24 hours after its launch last year. During the release in 2020, VinePair noted that there is no alcohol in the beer because that (and hops) is toxic to dogs, but the brew is filled with dog-friendly nutrients like celery, corn, mint, turmeric, basil and ginger, along with water and bone-in pork butt.

a can of Busch Dog Brew
Last year’s release of Busch Dog Brew sold out immediately

The winning candidate for Busch will be involved with taste tasting, quality control and acting as an ambassador for the brand on social media channels.

The perks of the job — again, for your dog — are pretty sweet. There’s a $20,000 salary, pet healthcare and free Dog Brew. Plus, they’ll help expand the beer line’s portfolio into different flavors.

Qualifications include “a refined palate, an outstanding sense of smell, and while not required, proficiency in English would be remarkable.”

To help your dog apply, post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with their qualifications and the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest. More information is available here. The application process is open until April 28.


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