Welcome to the Cabin Dome

Feast your eyes on Russia’s Skydome cabins

By The Editors
December 18, 2015 9:00 am

If the best cabins blend — Frank Lloyd Wright-like — into their surroundings, and the best surroundings for a cabin are idyllic forests in the middle of nowhere, then shouldn’t it follow that the world’s best cabins are probably somewhere in the middle of Siberia?

That’s Skydome Cabin, a Russian company cranking out a line of spherical dwellings that look the part of a modern igloo. Many believe dome homes are the future. They’re efficient and airy, with a structural integrity that naturally makes them stronger and less energy-consuming than your standard home dimensions.

Skydome Cabins come in various models and sizes and offer yet another handsome alternative to architecture’s growing “microhome” trend.

Check out more views below. You can contract them for a build (we think?). Just bring your Russian translator.

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