If Marty McFly Had a Stand-Up Paddleboard, It’d Look Like This

Wait ... so WTF is it?

July 24, 2017 9:00 am

Because the interwebs are crammed full of crazy things, and sometimes the purpose of those things is not immediately discernible, we present WTF Is It?

WTF is it?
If its designers are to be believed, this is the piece of equipment of the sport of the future: Waterblading. Essentially a stand-up paddleboard that’s shaped like a stringray, the WaterBlade Board is one of the more interesting marine machines we’ve ever seen.

What’s it do?
Fully inflatable and capable of carrying up to 200 pounds, the board has a 12-volt lithium battery that powers an eight-speed electric motor (five forward, three reverse) and can be recharged. If you prefer paddleboards that actually involve, you know, paddling, that’s an option as well.  

Who makes it?
WaterBlade was founded in 2014 in Texas and the actual board was invented by architect Gameli Cruz. At the time, his goal was to create a device that would allow its owner to be stable but also provide the sensation of walking on water. 

Is it in any way useful?
We’ve yet to see any Waterblading coverage on ESPN, but we don’t always tune into The Ocho. If the sport does take off, or if you just are into SUPs without the P, this could be your water ride.

Do I need to worry about electrocuting myself with this thing?
They were able to make an accident-free promo video (below), so we’re pretty sure you’re good.

Couldn’t they have just made that video using CGI?
Did you watch it? We’d guess they put all their resources into the board — that’s a good thing.

Should I buy this thing?
If you’ve got $2,000, it’s not worst idea in the world. Amazon’s only got 10 of ‘em left though.

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