This Room Built Out of Speakers Will Redefine How You Enjoy Music

That's not surround sound. THIS is surround sound.

August 26, 2016 9:00 am

Forget your dinky Bluetooth speakers for a moment.

We used to build entire rooms to enjoy music, where the stereo was the centerpiece and the acoustics were paramount. And now, a couple of French designers want to bring those sonic havens back to life.

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku of the Jouin Manku agency (which covers a wide range of product, industrial and space design — dig their retro/future standing home) are about to unveil “The Sound Cabinet,” a room designed specifically to capture “moments” from a day.

As part of the AD Intérieurs exhibition (sponsored by Architectural Digest France) in Paris, the Sound Cabinet is part banquette, canopy and library, with accompanying LED lighting. As Cool Hunting notes, the unit features “two integrated Devialet Phantom speakers for broadcasting sound throughout the lacquered wood shell” and “a room-like nest where sound can be consumed distortion free and in an entirely complementary atmosphere.”

So: it’s a big ol’ badass stereo room.

This year, the AD Intérieurs exhibit’s theme is “Collectors.” As the Jouin Manku contribution notes about their Cabinet: “A collector records moments from his daily life. In his workshop he stocks them in a crystalline glass capsule and files them away so that he can relive them at a later date. Comfortably installed in his living room, when he places one of these capsules at the centre of the library shelves, the memories come back to life and resonate, evoking day dreams and reverie…”

Currently the Sound Cabinet is just a prototype, but will on display from Sept. 3-18 at at the Monnaie de Paris.

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