This Integrated Speaker/Desk Goes Up to 11

Your workspace now doubles as a sound system

February 1, 2018 9:00 am

If you truly want to sit down and immerse yourself in music, we’ve got the desk for you.

Crafted by La Boite Concept, a French company that beautifully fuses hi-fi equipment with contemporary furniture, the LD S (Laptop Dock Studio) is exactly what it says it is: A speaker system built into a handsome wooden desk.

Built in collaboration with the artist/composer Cologero, the LD S is designed for composers to work from their laptops. You place your music on the drawer/stand to your left and your computer on the desk’s leather surface. An integral USB converter acts as an external sound card (you can also connect everything wirelessly) and the innards of the desk act as your soundboard, with a pair of aluminum mid-range speakers, a pair of dome tweeters, additional rear speakers and an aluminum woofer providing your soundtrack.

Don’t need a whole desk to hear your tunes? La Boite Concept just released a gorgeous Bluetooth loudspeaker to the market a few weeks back.

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