This Catamaran Runs on Sun, Wind and Good Looks

The future of the .01% is a clean-burning one

August 29, 2016 9:00 am

The Scientific American just reported that there are now signs humans are doing less harm to the earth, per person, than we were in 1993.

Thank awareness. Thank policy initiatives. And thank people with great imaginations (read: Elon Musk).

Another name deserving plaudits? René Gabrielli, who just designed a concept catamaran that runs completely on wind and solar — no gas required. The vessel uses a lithium-powered battery that’s charged via an array of solar panels on the ship’s bow. That’s of course when the wind isn’t catching the massive telescopic sails.

There’s a moveable cabin, expansive decks and bars, and even a pool.

Because it’s important to take a dip and cool down on a warming planet.

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