These Plants Will Charge Your Home Better Than a Solar Panel

Keep off the grass. It's powering the house.

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

Talk about green energy.

Barcelona company Arkyne Technologies is in the midst of finishing a project called Bioo, a series of 1×1 meter panels that will power your home more efficiently than solar panels.

With everyday plants.

In theory, you’ll be able to grow plants on the Bioo panels, which will produce about 3-40 watts of electricity each and charge day and night. They “charge” utilizing a combo of photosynthesis, organic waste and biofuel cells.

These strips can utilize any plants or soil, and are strong enough to stand on — meaning you could use them on your roof or in a walking garden.

Now, while the panels don’t measure up to the output of a solar panel on a 1:1 level, they do work on a cost basis: Bioos will cost about $220-$330 per square meter, while a “good” solar panel goes for about $1,650 or more.

Ideally, says Arkyne, you should be able to utilize a 10x10m garden to power your home, or less if you use trees or large bushes.

But take these claims with a grain of, uh, soil. Arkyne’s initial offering, a plant-based phone charger called Bioo Lite, was funded on Indiegogo earlier this year in just a couple of days … before the founders admitted their suppliers weren’t able to produce the Lites at the margins they required.

In other words, keep your expectations grounded.

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