Hunt for Meaning

By The Editors
July 30, 2013 9:00 am

My sir, this is a fact: you’re going to leave this world someday.

And what you leave behind is going to tell your story.

That story may begin thusly: “What kind of fascinating man has all these aged deer skulls?”

A man who shops at The Hunt, now online.

A hidden-shop-within-a-shop tucked deep in downtown NYC, The Hunt is a one-of-a-kind antiques/design shop specializing in the odd, the vintage and, most of all, the taxidermy, all curated to “capture and create aesthetic pleasure.”

The new online store is divided into four categories: attire, collectibles, decor and “man & beast.” Which makes for some interesting shopping.

The HuntThere’s a beautiful, old-school world globe. Antique iron sheep shears. A vintage desk lamp. Hand-engraved WWI naval binoculars. Fencing masks.

And animal skulls. Lots of animal skulls.

Go to the site and look around. Even if you’re not looking for, say, a model of a human rotoscoliosis or a ram skull, there are some real purty images to peruse, including some B&W photography and videos with a true Americana vibe. No words, no dialogue.

Just some nice, non-skull aesthetics.

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