The 52 Best Products We Covered in 2016

From jetpacks to hammock boats to gunpowder-proof rum: Let's review.

By The Editors
December 29, 2016 9:00 am
The 52 Best Products We Covered in 2016

his year, we got jetpacks.

Hammock boats. Teardrop campers. Tiny homes that come in a box.

Hell, we even got beer served out of a dead squirrel.

Which sounds bad, but apparently you loved it, because it made our list: The 52 Best Products We Covered in 2016.

We chose these products via simple math: we looked at what you, our curious readers, clicked on and shared the most throughout the year.

And that squirrel ale? All you, baby.

D33 Yacht
The brass tacks version of the boat comes with a teak deck, retractable tables, a complete kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms, an anchor hooked to an electric winch for docking and LEDs throughout. 

ICON A5 Seaplane
This two-seat aerial roadster cruises at a languid 110 MPH and comes in a compact enough package that you can lug it behind an SUV (a custom towing trailer is included with purchase).

Martin Jetpack
This jetpack, built by Martin Aircraft, is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, with a max flight speed of 46 mph at 3,000 feet.

Billed as “the world’s first solar­-powered motorized hammock boat,” the MelloShip is a pontoon boat that can be equipped with an electric motor controlled via a waterproof remote. 

Shaddai Superyacht
On deck, there’s a second infinity pool, waterfall, hefty aquarium, spa and formal dining room.

Airstream Basecamp
The big benefit is how it handles: think larger wheels for off-roading, an aggressive departure angle for switchbacks and ground clearance, an aerodynamic shape that reduces fuel consumption, and wheel flares and side skirts that protect the undercarriage from debris. 

Airstream Nest Caravan
After acquiring Oregon-based Nest Caravans last month, Airstream plans to start producing its own versions of the startup company’s aerodynamic, all-fiberglass, 16-foot-long travel trailers. 

Ayers Rock Van
Measuring in at just over 7.5 feet and propelled by Ducato’s standard six-speed engine, the two-room Ayers Rock has a full kitchen, a pair of sleeping spaces and a compact bathroom.

Bowlus Road Chief Limited Edition Lithium+
A few years ago, the rights and plans to the Bowlus were bought by some business folks, and they’ve been outfitting its original design with modern touches like comfy beds, solar-heated water and Italian galleys.

Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper
Noticing that it was basically the same construction as a boat — just inverted — the Annapolis boatwright decided to produce a teardrop trailer kit, which you can use to make your own at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Dinky Dub Camper
Weighing a sprightly 1,000 pounds, the build features a dinette set that converts to a double bed, flashy vinyl flooring and a paint job that looks like it belongs in a ‘50s-era diner.

Journey Trail Basecamp
It’s a lightweight trailer that folds out to reveal a spacious, heavy-duty nine-foot tent without compromising storage space.

Lotus Caravans Off Grid
It’s got the solar accoutrements and dual 95-liter water tanks that are pretty much compulsory these days, but it’s the fully customizable floorplan that really sets this rig apart. Read: fold-out Weber grill, tons of storage, leather upholstery and soft-close drawers that won’t fly open when you’re breaking trail — although the heavy-duty shocks should take care of that regardless.

Timberleaf Camping Trailer
With an anodized aluminum body, Baltic Birch interior, economic galley with cabinets and cooler, and a cabin with a panoramic skylight and enough space for a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress, the teardrop trailer is entirely livable but can still bob and weave with the best of ‘em.

Venture OHV Rough Ridge Edition
Light enough to be hauled behind any SUV, Inka’s new camper goes as deep into the wild as your wheels will allow, bringing with it plentiful creature comforts in an efficiently optimized package.

Wide Path Camper
A new bicycle-friendly sleeper for your extended two-wheeled sojourns. It can comfortably sleep two adults and fit four at mealtime.

Winnebago Paseo
Because blending in also means leaving a smaller footprint, the Paseo comes with an eco-friendly toilet and Ford EcoBoost engine, which consumes less gas and is substantially quieter.

Alpha Tiny House
Smaller than an average master bedroom at 240 square feet, the Alpha cabin shows that it is possible to live in the lap of luxury without excess.

Backcountry Hut Cabin
The cabins may have been designed with ease-of-construction in mind, but they’re also seriously good looking — it’s no surprise that they were inspired by IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s exhortation to develop excellent design not for the 1%, but for the masses. 

Each one is shipped, flat-pack IKEA style, to its location, where third-party construction crews pour a concrete foundation and fit the house itself into place. 

DublDom Houseboat
The modular “DD on water” can “be registered as a ship and be moved around or even placed in city limits in the yacht club,” according to its maker.

Hammock Bath
The UK-based company’s carbon-fiber creation combines a tub and a hammock to form a nine-foot relaxation space that’s suspended from the walls by steel and does not touch the floor. 

Harwyn Pods
The prefab Harwyn pods are studio-sized rooms that feature high-quality thermal insulation walls and can be outfitted with furniture, speakers, televisions, A/C, LED strip mood lighting and unique blind systems designed to maximize natural light.

Koda House
Solar panels on the roof return energy to the grid often in excess of what’s used, and the windows are quadruple-glazed for energy efficiency and keeping out excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, which can lead to accelerated aging and a foggy mind.

Rev Houseboat
The Rev Houseboat brings all the luxuries of a deluxe home or apartment (fireplace, hot tub, sauna, heated floors) to a mobile aquatic mansion that can go fully off-the-grid when called upon.

End of History Beer
A beer served out of a dead squirrel that costs over half my after-tax salary? That’s a new one. 

Crafthouse by Fortessa
Make smoked cocktails in the comforts of your own home, thanks to a new line of barware from Chicago fave Charles Joly.

Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum
A formerly illegal spirit initially issued to enlistees in the British Royal Navy, now finally available in the U.S. Manliest rum ever.

Egloo Electricity-Free Heater
A dual-domed device that increases the temp of a 90-square-foot room by approximately 10 degrees within half an hour. And it runs on tea candles.

3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station
Pretty self-explanatory: it makes bacon, eggs, toast and coffee — at the same time.

Sony Z Series LCD TVs
Available in 65”, 75” and 100” models, the 4K HDR Ultra HD televisions feature an innovation called Backlight Master Drive technology that uses a dense system of LEDs and algorithms to give the Z’s screen unprecedented color, brightness and contrast levels.

Rust-Eating P-Laser QF-1000
A gadget that uses a 1000-watt beam to strip away rust, paint and other bits of metallic corrosion in seconds.

BeCool A/C Unit
Powered by natural gas, the BeCool slashes CO2 emissions more or less in half (depending on the source of your electricity). It also generates electricity while it’s running, and stores it in a fuel cell so you can use it to power your other devices.

A handy tool that lets you drill a square or rectangular opening into your wall in order to install a wall socket in about 30 seconds.

Stikkan Kindling Splitter
The cast-iron Stikkan attaches to most vertical surfaces like a wall-mounted bottle openers. Then it slices off kindling as if it were cutting paper.

Ever and Nexo Bicycle Tires
Puncture-proof tires that require no air, which automatically guarantees no leaks or flats.

Trailmate Cooler
A marine-grade, all-terrain cooler that’s basically a Jeep sans engine.

M-5000 Rocket Camp Stove
Thanks to a patented combustion chamber that helps retain heat more efficiently, the stove cuts back on CO2 and smoke while using less fuel than its competitors. 

SUV Tent
Attaches easily to the rear of a Jeep to add an extra eight feet of sleeping space for up to four occupants.

Solo Stove Bonfire
Call it an idiot-proof portable bonfire.

Burton x South Park Clothing Collection
A new collection of socks, headwear and gloves inspired by the duds Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny wear. 

A Kickstarter hoodie sensation that sells itself on a multitude of pockets and 14 features, including “pillow conversion” (along with other, more useful attributes).

Wolverine Workshop
Customize every part of Wolverine’s popular 1000 Mile Boot. 

The Forever O.G. Pants
A pair of really nice dress pants that never smell or get stained, and can be replaced at any time for pretty much any reason. Guaranteed for life. 

The Face Kit from Mavericks
Aided by science, big data and a bit of Sinatra, Mavericks is a new line of men’s skincare that narrows your grooming regimen down to three products and 90 seconds of prep time.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle
An off-roader with solar panels, a motorcycle rack, a DJ-turntable platform (hola, Burning Man) and a full restaurant-grade kitchen.

Ducati‘s New xDiavel
A collaboration built in Bologna and then taken to task by California bike customizer Roland Sands, this one-off cruiser stays true to the original XDiavel but adds a healthy dose of Americana into the mix.

BW650 – Custom ‘96 Honda XR650L
Designed as a tribute to the Yamaha BW200, this custom ‘96 Honda XR650L Classified Moto looks like it’s neither insurable, safe nor street legal. Turns out it’s all three — and licensed and registered to boot.

Rungu Electric Juggernaut
A fat tired, double-forked e-bike made for kicking up rocks and zipping down mountains. 

Cyclotron Bike
“Literally ‘slice’ through the air like a knife when you go fast.” Spokeless, too. 

Hudson Armored Personnel Carrier
Equipped with a central turret, gun ports, a pair of escape hatches and external view cameras that work in tandem with an electronic night vision system, the Hudson APC can withstand assaults from rifles, hand grenades and Sunday drivers.

LM847 Quad Motorcycle
Four-wheeled motorbike that thinks it’s a Maserati. Not far off.