Family Argument Prompts Teen to Dig Underground Home For 6 Years

A structurally impressive endeavor

Every dig has to start somewhere.
Tim Foster/Unsplash

Plenty of people have fights with their parents when growing up. Sometimes this can lead to someone storming out of a room upset, convinced that they need a little time to themselves. Far less frequent, though, is the rare person who decides to turn their desire for solitude into a physical space. Or, you know, a proper underground home.

At Insider, Joshua Zitser has the story of Andres Canto, now 20, who lives in Spain. When he was 14, he got into a fight with his mother, as teens are prone to do. To relieve his frustration, he turned to digging — which he did on a daily basis for the next 3 years. “I was an angry teenager with a pick axe,” he told Insider.

Gradually, Canto turned his hole into something habitable. It now includes amenities like a bed, a stereo and a heating system. The article notes that his parents “are less thrilled by the construction.” His next plan? Adding a Jacuzzi to the space.

Canto isn’t the only person to engage in some unexpected underground construction. The case of Toronto resident Elton McDonald, who built a lengthy and detailed tunnel underground a few years ago, sparked media attention and a feature on This American Life. What makes someone set out to build something underground? The initial impetus might be fleeting, but the process of building something that lasts can take an impressive level of dedication.

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