This Floating Red Ball Can Save You From a Natural Disaster

How paranoid are you, on a scale of 1 to floating red ball?

October 11, 2017 9:00 am

As we’ve all seen in the recent past, hurricanes can inflect tremendous damage.

To protect yourself from going through what the victims of Harvey, Irma and José have endured, we suggest boosting your karma by donating to the relief effort.

Also, consider this pod.

Designed by an aircraft engineer to sustain up to five days of punishment from not only hurricanes but also tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and storm surges, the Survival Capsule is a patent-pending survival system that can be transported and used inside or outside.

Available in different sizes that can fit anywhere from two to 10 adults, the Survival Capsule comes standard with storage space for each occupant’s survival supplies, water storage, an onboard GPS, air supply, harnessed safety seats and a watertight door with a window.

Survival Capsule (4 images)

Realizing five days is a long time to be cooped up, the Washington-based company also offers optional add-ons like a surround sound system and dry powder toilet. 

“What we’re trying to do is increase people’s chances of survival,” designer Julian Sharpe told The Seattle Times. “If you have no other means of escape this is a very viable option. I would use this for my family.”

Available for preorder, the two-person pods start at $13,500. Contact Sharpe for more details.

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