Stockholm Is Getting an Incredibly Stylish Floating Sauna

Sweating on the water at a top speed of five miles per hour

Big Branzino, a floating sauna from firm Sandellsandberg that was made for a client in Stockholm, Sweden
Big Branzino on the water.
Filip Gränström/Creativeflipp

If you’ve spent any time in Stockholm — or even researching for a potential trip to Stockholm — you’re probably aware of the vast number of islands in and around the city. At its best, the archipelago combines the most appealing aspects of a modern city along with a beautiful landscape and idyllic waters.

Now, someone’s gone and built a floating sauna for long sessions of sweating it out while adrift. This isn’t just any floating sauna, either — this one bears the memorable name Big Branzino.

An article at Dezeen has more details about the project. The architecture firm Sandellsandberg — whose work also includes this stylish office space — came up with the sauna design for a client who works in technology. Architect Johan Strandlund told Dezeen that the client sought “a truly extraordinary floating sauna experience, something elegant and refined, yet unexpected.”

The sauna delivers exactly that — the bulk of the structure is comprised of the sauna itself, but there’s also plenty of space to stand and sit and take in the landscape, including a seating area over the sweat room, as well as a bathroom and shower. In the interview with Dezeen, Strandlund explained that the sauna’s fireplace can also be used as heating for longer trips as well. Oh, and the maximum speed you can drive it? Up to five miles per hour.

It’s a fascinating blend of form and function, and one that sounds like it would be an ideal choice for a relaxed afternoon jaunt. But if you’re looking for a floating sauna you can book, Sweden has some of those, too.


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