Stock Tanks Gaining Popularity as Hot Tub Alternative

An ingenious way to make a distinctive and relaxing space

Hot tub
People are discovering an interesting alternative to hot tubs.
Dimitris Kiriakakis/Unsplash

If you’ve ever found the idea of getting a hot tub enticing, you’re not alone. You might be looking to take advantage of the health benefits that can come from regular use of a hot tub or you could simply be looking for somewhere to relax. There’s a perennial appeal for hot tubs, especially for their pandemic-friendly combination of relaxation and being located at your home.

For some, however, the time is right for an ingenious alternative to the hot tub. At The New York Times, Hannah Selinger explores the world of people who have embraced stock tanks as a kind of DIY version of hot tubs. That’s “stock” as in livestock — the tanks are designed to be used to feed large quantities of animals. That also means that they’re sizable and sturdy — both good qualities when building something to immerse oneself in.

The Times article points out that hot tubs and pools are both very popular right now, with demand for hot tubs up 400% from this time last year. That’s also led to long wait times for people seeking to get a hot tub installed; hence, the rise in DIY methods. “Crafted from a galvanized metal tank traditionally used as a feed trough for farm animals, a stock tank pool can be assembled in a day with a few D.I.Y. items that can be found at most hardware stores,” Selinger notes.

The article also points to the work done by the website HomeMade Modern in raising the popularity of the stock tank hot tub. Quarantine has already helped many people hone their DIY skills; in many ways, this looks to be the next logical step.

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