‘Sleep Vending Machines’ Are Here to Boost Your Office’s Productivity

No more sad desk naps

June 23, 2017 9:00 am

Good news: No matter where you go, even work, you might have a place to nap.

And that’s thanks to Sleepbox, a private, self-contained napping cabin that takes up only 25-45 square feet. The modular boxes are designed for offices (as both a rest and a private work/call room), airports (as “sleep vending machines”) and extensions of hotels.

While the company has installed over 60 Sleepboxes in Europe, they’re finally making their way to the U.S. with locations include Massachusetts and most recently Boston

Sleepboxes are totally customizable and can hold up to two beds, as well as desks, cabinets and TVs. They only require a regular electric outlet to work, and can be assembled by two people in about an hour. They also have their own ventilation system … but, alas, no bathroom. So, probably great for stranded travelers or harried office workers who need a few hours of shut-eye, but not so great as hotel replacements.

Could your office use a few nap cabins? Of course it can.

Head on over to Sleepbox for more info. 

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