“Skyranch One” Is a Plane. A Plane With Bison-Horn Faucets.

It's basically a dude ranch at 30,000 feet

August 5, 2016 9:00 am

Someone call the sheikhs.

There’s a new sheriff in “F*** you my plane is fancier than yours” town.

It goes by the name of Skyranch One. The goal of its designers: to make a larger version of their equally opulent Skyacht.

The concept is built on the notion of “complicated simplicity,” a conceptual term that translates here to bleached woods, woven leather and suede, inlaid horn fixtures, English wool and mood lighting.

Adding to those luxury touches are modular seats with European saddles, onyx countertops, panoramic windows and distinctive burlap wall coverings. And bars. Multiple bars.

According to its designers Sotto Studios, the Skyranch concept can be customized to fit a customer’s specific tastes and each design is visualized in 3D before construction commences in order to make sure everyone is satisfied with the work.

“Design should not exist for its own sake, and on Skyranch One we strive to select finishes and design details that tell a composite story every time you encounter them,” according to Sotto. “If it’s in a catalog, it’s not on board.”

It’s true. We don’t recall Sears ever carrying bison-horn faucets.

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