Seataci Concept Powers Luxury Yacht With a ‘Whale Tail’

October 8, 2016 5:00 am

A giant yacht requires giant propellers. That’s just how they are. Except Montreal-based engineer Charles Bombardier has a new approach. He wants to have yachts propelled by “a biomimetic propulsion system resembling the movement of whale’s tail.” Essentially, it would use an oscillating foil to enable the ship to travel via a waving motion (much as a whale does). Benefits would include allowing yachts to enter shallower waters than is possible with propellers and minimized noise.


This isn’t the only selling point of the Seataci concept. It would offer panoramic windows in the main hull’s lower tail section for underwater viewing. There’d be an abundance of surface attractions as well, as the main deck is envisioned to feature swimming pools, a tropical garden, and helipads. (And for those who don’t care for helicopters, you can simply take advantage of the Seataci’s drones for your next trip to shore.) The estimated price is $100 million, though Bombardier notes that that is just a “starting point,” depending on how large or small or luxurious you wish to make it. “You could also cut the budget in half or multiply it by two if you wish,” he says.

Read more about the Seataci here or just watch the video on it below.



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