“HD Vinyl” Is Coming to Blow Out Your Hipster Eardrums

Rebeat Digital files patent for a new era of high fidelity

By The Editors
March 21, 2016 9:00 am

We have an announcement regarding hi fi.

You know: high fidelity.

That’s the highest quality fidelity.

And as Buck Swope will tell you, those are two very important things in a stereo system.

Word from across the pond is that Austria-based Rebeat Digital filed a patent to secure the right to produce high-definition records that will have double the audio fidelity of typical LPs, as well as 30% more capacity and 30% greater volume.

Creating HD vinyl involves making a “topographic 3-D modeling imprint” before a “pulsed high-energy Femto-laser” takes over to do the heavy lifting. But of course you knew all that.

“We adjust the distance of the grooves, we correct the radial/tangential errors, and we optimize the frequencies,” says Rebeat CEO Guenter Loibl. “You could say we ‘master’ the topographical data, which is a totally different approach.”

Translation: crystal clear sound at neighbor-angering volumes, on vinyl.

In addition to creating better quality products, the HD vinyl process will dramatically reduce both the cost and time requirements for producing records. And before you ask, yes, the vibrant new vinyl will still play on traditional turntables and Rebeat plans to bring the records to market within three years.

We’ve already got the perfect player picked out for you when it arrives.

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