How Bazaar

By The Editors
May 14, 2013 9:00 am

In the movies, the hero never runs pell-mell through a flea market.

It’s always a bazaar. Some foreign and dusty bartertown chockablock with coiled rope baskets, chiffon saris and steamer trunks.

Bringing that exotic bric-a-brac to you online: Project Bly, just launched.

Named after a turn-of-the-century journalist who famously traveled the globe with little more than a pencil, paper and cold cream, Project Bly sells treasures found in bustling metropolises around the globe.

Their first port-of-call: Mumbai, with its lattice frames, vintage Bollywood posters, brass measuring cups and more.

Each item comes replete with a brief history (“… purchased from Shah Jagjivandas Baldevdas, a family run store in Pydhonie …”), and Bly provides brief tutorials on the area’s art, style and food.

They also produce gorgeous original prints taken at each city of port.

Coming later this month: a collection from La Paz, including intricately carved wooden colonial stirrups (“estribos”), embossed vintage leather saddles, silver alloy/pewter cups, vintage textiles and striped rugs.

Helping you furnish your home not away from home.

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