Finland Is Now Exporting Their Famous Summer Cabins

Got a waterfront meadow sitting around? You're in luck.

May 31, 2017 9:00 am

Nobody does cabins quite as well as the Finns — maybe because cabins (and saunas, and swimming in lakes that are only marginally warmer in summer than winter) are such a bedrock of the Finnish leisure experience. We’ve got apple pie and baseball, but our dream cabins come from Finland.

Meet Pluspuu, a Finnish home manufacturer that sells a wide array of “modern log cabin” models, of various sizes and configurations: Some emphasize the outdoor space — via terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows, even roof decks — while others maximize indoor living space. Several come with saunas, which is ideal. They can serve as summer or year-round homes, and are built with sustainable materials wherever possible.

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If you’ve got a plot of land, you could go the hands-on route and create your own. (For inspiration, see here.) If, though, you’ve got a job to manage or a family to raise, a prefab like those on offer from Pluspuu might be the best option. For overseas buyers, Pluspuu will send techs to your site to facilitate construction (for a price). All you need is a spot with a view

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