Meet the Musical Ping-Pong Table That Might Break Silicon Valley

You play, it plays

October 13, 2016 9:00 am

If there are two things tech companies enjoy having in their offices — besides venture capitalists with readily available checkbooks  — it’s ping-pong tables and loud music.

Work hard, play hard, bro.

That’s what led Digital Kitchen’s creative designer, Mark Wheeler, to blend table tennis and streaming tunes into a singular playable entity with his Ping-Pong FM project.

The way the table works is simple. The tech it’s wired with, however: far from it.

After players select a song and begin rallying using electrically wired paddles, an app connected to a microphone adjusts the musical playback tempo based on how fast or slowly the ball is hit back and forth.

If a rally slows down or stops entirely, the music does the exact same thing, so if you wanna keep the hits coming, you need to do that in a literal sense as well — by returning the ball.

Slice, slice baby.

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