Having Instagram-Worthy Graves Is a Thing Now, Apparently

Over My Dead Body' will nab you some posthumous likes

November 2, 2018 9:00 am

Williamsburg has come for our cemeteries. 

Introducing a concept we’re all morbidly fascinated with over at InsideHook HQ: bespoke headstones.

That’s right. While custom tombs are nothing new (see: pyramids, mausoleums), design studio Smorgasbord’s new platform Over My Dead Body aims to build artistic memoriams for the particularly modish dead. Crucial to the process, though, OMDB want you to have a heavy hand in the ideation of your headstone while you’re still among the living.

How does it work? Collab with OMDB’s designers on a concept, and they’ll find an artist who can pull it off. The studio will make sure it gets to your family once the time comes. To date, OMDB has reached agreements with a surfer (head here to see the literal marble surfboard they designed) and a chess master (grave still in development). 

Our thoughts on this? 50% “for the love of God, 2018,” and 50% “we’ll take a flier.” There’s a brutal element of self-worship associated with anyone who commissions one of these. OMDB readily acknowledges they’re expensive, and it’s not difficult to imagine grandchildren taking some vomit-inducing cemetery selfies in front of an Instagram-worthy crypt. Still, as the venture’s creative director told Fast Company, the concept of elaborate resting places does reach far back into history and across several cultures, all as a way of preserving the names and tales of those long gone. 

Maybe just have your ashes scattered somewhere nice. 

For more information on the studio, head here. You can find them on social here

h/t Fast Company
Main image via IMDB; Inline image via OMDB

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