The Company That Gamified the Stationary Bike Now Makes Treadmills

Peloton Tread lets you race the world — from your living room

January 12, 2018 9:00 am

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you may a remember a Season 1 episode in which Get Out star Daniel Kuluuya rides a stationary bike to participate in a giant interactive game that unlocks lifestyle amenities, from vending-machine snacks to an audition on an American Idol-style variety show.

A year later, fact became fiction with the arrival of Peloton, a fitness startup that sells connected, screen-equipped bikes that allow users to compete with riders around the world by dialing into live-streaming cycling classes. Now, with nearly $500m of funding behind it, Peloton is taking on another much-loved home-fitness apparatus: the treadmill.

Unlike the treadmill at your gym, the Peloton Tread comes with a 32-inch HD touchscreen, powerful soundbar and a shock-absorbing rubber slat belt designed to vastly decrease impact.

That’s the sizzle, but the real steak of the internet-connected Tread is what stood their spin bikes out from the, er, peloton: owners can access live or on-demand “boot camp-style” classes led by pro trainers and coaches. While running is obviously a focus, the classes can also delve into walking, total body training, floor exercises and yoga.

“The Peloton Tread is here to meet every fitness challenge you set yourself,” Peloton says.  “Experience a mix of live cardio and strength workouts to fit your goals, and training by top NYC instructors that fits your schedule. Welcome to your very own private fitness studio.”

The Tread is now selling for $3,995 —  provided you reserve one with a $250 deposit — and unlimited access to Peloton’s classes is $39 a month. To soften the blow of shelling out $4k for a treadmill, Peloton is offering a $149 per month payment plan for 39 months (classes included).

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