This Luxurious Pen Was Inspired by JFK

The most stylish president is memorialized in this new suite of Montblanc writing instruments.

June 4, 2018 5:00 am

There’s no doubt about it: the history books are full of many men whose signature panache has cemented their place as iconic figures in American history. There’s also no doubt that John Fitzgerald Kennedy tops the list thanks to his undeniable charisma, and accompanying sartorial talents that pushed the envelope just enough. These days, he can be thanked for blue-chip accessories like Wayfarer sunglasses and the penny loafer, but now, the 35th president of the United States of America is being memorialized with an equally stylish writing instrument.

Released on May 29, which would have been Kennedy’s 101st birthday, from Montblanc, the suite of three special edition pens commemorate the revered figure. Starting at $805 and topping out at $1,035, the suite of pens are offered in three nuanced styles — fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball — all of which were created in a precious burgundy resin in homage to Kennedy’s alma mater, Harvard University, and his signature Ivy League style.

Each one also comes complete with several nods to JFK through a handful of subtle design elements. They include details like a “JFK” monogram engraved on the champagne-tone gold-coated fittings clip, as well as three champagne-toned gold-coated cap rings to symbolize the three Kennedy brothers. There’s also a rather hidden cue to the Apollo space program, a government initiative held dear to Kennedy during his tenure. Located on the pen’s “nib” — or the tip that comes into contact with the writing surface — the handcrafted 585 gold piece sports an engraved drawing of the lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969.

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