Here’s a Movie Theater Bed for People Who Prefer Their Netflix and Chill Sans Subtlety

Projector? Surround sound? Aroma dispenser? Giggity.

January 10, 2017 9:00 am

Falling asleep in a movie theater, be it from too many drinks or having to sit through Manchester by the Sea, is never a good thing — unless that theater happens to be a bed.

The iNyx, a technology-laden sleep space with bells and whistles galore, wants to be that bed.

Designed by a Poland-based company of the same name, the iNyx features a built-in surround sound system, ambient LEDs, retractable privacy blinds and an HD projector with movie screen. It’s also got cup holders large enough for wine bottles (natch), a frame that can fit a king size bed and even an aroma dispenser system. So, if you wanna eat Taco Bell in bed, go for it.

Originally priced at just under a grand, the iNyx’s original Indiegogo campaign fell well short of its funding goal and was discontinued. However, now it’s back, albeit at five times the price.

If you’re thinking of buying an iNyx, given its spotty track record, we’d advise sleeping on it and letting someone else play the guinea pig.

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