Here Are the Keys to Your Very Own Glamping Resort

Lushna makes a convincing argument for roughing it in luxury

By The Editors
March 25, 2016 9:00 am

Since the dawn of time, human civilization has done everything in its power to tame the wild.

Many have tried, and many we’ve lost forever.

Think we might’ve found the latter in Slovenia …

Hiding out, we can only assume, in a choice cabin from Lushna, the European company offering a line of mini dwellings that’ll turn any space worth its green into a luxury glamping resort.

Designed to appeal to “city escapists, comfort seekers, easy riders and nature lovers,” Lushna’s line of villas, tents, chalets, pods and cabins are designed to bring privacy and luxury to the great outdoors. Constructed largely from wood, glass and shingles, the lodgings come with everything you’ve come to associate with glamping: heated, ventilated, equipped with connections for electricity and wired with LED lights.

The best part? No prebuilt foundations required and every piece is eco-friendly.

Not the best part, but yes: Hot tubs, saunas and fireplaces.

We may not be able to tame the wild, but at least we’ve got a wayward to owning it.

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