Stately Wooden Speakers Sound, Look Like Something an Important Man Would Own

They’re from Portland, so you know they’re hip

August 18, 2016 9:00 am

There are some things — Broncos, roadsters, your grandpa’s leg — that just look better in wood.

These handcrafted speakers from Grovemade and Portland designer Joey Roth are two of ‘em.

Built with either walnut or maple and designed to work with computers, phones or turntables, the speakers in this wooden system feature a back-loaded horn design that emphasizes low frequencies as well as a two-inch full range driver that beefs up the mid and high tones.

Delivered on stainless steel stands and finished in leather, all of the components in the system have been sanded and buffed by hand after being bonded with high-performance epoxy adhesive and doused with two coats of natural oil.

And while the introductory price is a bit rich ($599 for walnut; $499 for maple), so is the sound.

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