Give Your Bedroom a Makeover for $500

Memory foam pillows, indoor planters and soy candles

March 14, 2019 9:00 am

If a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, a cluttered bedroom is an exhausted mind. 

You just spend too many hours of your life in that room — almost all for the express purpose of relaxation and recharging — to have an uncomfortable or uninspiring space. 

The two best things you can do right off the bat are A) buy a nice bed (I own a Casper, it’s legit) and B) keep the room clean. Vacuum, Swiffer, dust, don’t pile up the laundry. 

But to really turn your bedroom into a personal haven, a place you can go and read or fall asleep on command, it’s all about the finishing touches. And when carefully chosen, you can introduce some pretty sweet picks to your bedroom for not much money … say, around $500. 

From luxury sheets and memory foam pillows to stone planters and bedside lights imagined by British designers, below are six pieces to de-clutter and beautify your bedroom. 

Oh, and a bonus for that other thing you like to do in the bedroom. 

Brooklinen Luxe Fitted Sheet
The rare chance to save $30 on one of the industry leaders in soft-as-hell sheets. 

BUY HERE: $149 $119

Kobo Moon Wisteria Soy Candle
Save the “man” candles for your study. The bedroom should smell fresh and light, not like a campsite. 


TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow
We thank the memory foam gods for this preposterous deal every night we head to sleep. Even if you think you’re already all set on pillows do yourself a favor and pick these up.  


Komolab Concrete and Walnut Indoor Planter
Plants have been proven to calm the brain. You’ll want them in what should be the most peaceful room in the house. 


George Oliver Gavin Wood Nightstand
A two-drawered walnut nightstand that’s classy and modish at the same time. 

BUY HERE: $114

Gantri Weight Leight
A 360-degree, fully-dimmable ambient light. Designed in London, built in California. 


And to add a little, uh, spice, to the bedroom:

The Curious Man’s Guide to Sex Toys
Babeland helped us put together a primer on all-things bedroom toys, from vibraters to plugs to something called an “egg sleeve.”  


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