A Bed in a Suitcase Is Worth Two in a Hotel Room?

Get your nomad on with the Bank Bedstation

August 2, 2017 9:00 am

Living out of a suitcase: not highly recommended. Working out of a suitcase: better, but still less than ideal. Sleeping out of a suitcase: impossible unless you’re a small child — or so we thought.

Created by designer Mark Sadler for FPM, the Bank Bedstation is a 42-pound rolling suitcase that opens up to reveal a fold-out bed comprised of linking rectangular slats. Made from aluminum and wood, the full-length bed that comes with a pillow and thin sleeping bag.

To complement the Bedstation, Sadler also created a similar Workstation containing a compact desktop, leather-and-wood folding chair, cabinets and drawers. Weighing slightly less than its counterpart (37.5 pounds), you could potentially drag both the Workstation and Bedstation across the airport with you. Being able to do so would require a sizable investment ($8,110 and $5,760, respectively), but would also give you the ability to work and sleep on the road in … style?

Personally, we’d probably just spring for a hotel room with a desk, but do you, bud.

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