Desert Living Done Right

Courtesy of Edward Ogosta Architecture

By The Editors
October 2, 2015 9:00 am

Desert architecture often takes its cues from the environment in which it’s set: austere, streamlined, beautiful in its severity. Edward Ogosta’s Four Eyes residence (in an unnamed desert location) ticks all those boxes, but it’s clever, too. The titular four “eyes” — atop those four single towers in the building’s corners — are perfectly situated to take in the location’s four primary visual experiences: sunrise to the east, a mountain range to the south, evening city lights in the west and the nighttime stars “above,” which we will assume translates loosely to “north.” 

A ground floor living room is meant to encourage shared relaxation time, and there’s no master suite: each tower offers enough room for exactly one bed, plus the view. In the architect’s dream conception, they’re interchangable (“The family’s sleeping locations can be rotated based on each individual’s desired viewing experience”) — though we bet in reality at least one of them has a Tom Brady Fathead and some Playboys stowed under the bed. Good on ya’, junior.

See more photos below, and some detail shots here

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