They Make Aquariums for People Now

You can live underwater — if you’re willing to pay

By The Editors
October 12, 2015 9:00 am

Nemo. Jacques Cousteau. Steve Zissou.

The history of man’s desire to explore the ocean deep — both real and fictional — is a storied one.

And there is no better way to properly acquaint yourself than to, well, move in. The dream realized: Floating Seahorses, a new Dubai-based development that promises to build its clients luxury apartments … underwater.

The developer, Kleindienst, calls the three-level structures “essentially a boat”: two levels above water and a third below containing the master bedroom and bathroom. The top deck offers a viewing platform; the middle has living space and a sundeck. Pools, of course, are for the plebes stuck on land.

Problem: Kleindienst says “only a few units remain” from the initial stock of 42. Not a problem: the price tag is a fairly reasonable $1.8 million, which won’t even get you 2% of this seven-bed mountain home in Aspen. More pressing problem: you’ll have to wait until 2017 to move in, by which point there probably won’t be any coral reefs left.

Fret not: Kleindienst is installing artificial reefs!

Here’s hoping the underwater views are just as brightly colored as the ones in the renderings, seen here and below — and not, as anyone who has ever gone scuba diving or jumped under a wave knows, ever so slightly murkier. 

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