Floating Private Island Concept Includes Waterfall, Helipad, and Shark-Feeding Station

August 18, 2016 5:00 am
(Migaloo Submarines)
(Migaloo Submarines)

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh we wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama … OK, you get the point. RealClearLife has a hypothetical one-way ticket to Kokomo, the fantasy island made famous by The Beach Boys.

But here at RCL headquarters we make fantasies into reality. With a little help from our friends at Migaloo, you now have the chance of bringing your pretty mama to an actual island called Kokomo, which frankly has very little in common with the place in that song. This Kokomo is man-made, private, and consists of a series of floating, semi-submersible platforms. Sure, it’s still in concept mode, but it might be the only island you’d want to get stranded on forever. About 400 feet in length, the island features a plethora of luxe amenities, including private owner’s penthouse some 260 feet above sea level; jungle deck with palm trees and vertical gardens; beach deck with pool and barbecue areas; outdoor dining eating deck; spa and beauty salon deck; a pair of beach clubs; full gym; and underwater dining saloon. (If you ever get sick of your ocean home, it has a helipad on it, too.)

Maybe the coolest feature of Kokomo, for all you burgeoning James Bond villains, is its very own shark-feeding station (it’s up to you what or whom you feed them). Or if you just want to kick back and watch the experts do it in movies like Thunderball or License to Kill, there’s an outdoor cinema on the island as well.

For more on the concept, click here. Watch a conceptual video tour of the island below.

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