You Can Now Live in a Cozy Little Space Pod for $95,000

The first 50 EcoCapsules are ready for delivery

October 11, 2017 9:00 am

We all started out in an egg.

And now we’ve got the chance to get back into one.

The oblong EcoCapsules we told you about last year have officially moved from concept to production, with the first run of 50 ready to ship.

As a refresher, the EcoCapsule is a 120-square-foot living space that’s crafted from fiberglass and aluminum. Designed by Slovakian firm Nice Architects, it’s powered by its own self-produced solar and wind energy and relies on a rainwater-filtering system for plumbing and potables. The portable pod is also wired for wifi, so residents can stay online even while they’re off the grid.

Now available to purchase for the first time, the first 50 Capsules are priced at $95,000 a pop. Once that initial run is spoken for, the price is guaranteed to go down, though by how much is unclear. Essentially, you can lock in the “Buy It Now” price for a deposit of about $2,400, or wait until 2018 for the reduced-price versions by putting down a $350 deposit.

Here’s where to do it.

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