This Little Slice of Open-Road Americana Won’t Break the Bank

The Dinky Dub will arrive in 2017 — for under $13k

October 31, 2016 9:00 am

Pick up an American history textbook, and our collective fascination with trailers and RVs becomes quickly apparent.

From Lewis and Clark’s manifest destiny to the Calistoga wagons that settled the frontier to Depression-era Okies moving west in all manner of rickshaw and jalopy, ours is a country that was founded by people in mobile homes. It’s foundational. In our DNA.

And in 2016, it can also be rather pricy. Which is why it behooves you to check out Dub Box, maker of a pint-sized VW Bus replica called the the Dinky Dub that can be had for under $13,000.

Dinky Dub is the Oregon-based company’s horse in the miniature camper race, a fiberglass trailer offering 45 square feet of interior space in an imminently towable package.

Weighing a sprightly 1,000 pounds, the build features a dinette set that converts to a double bed, flashy vinyl flooring and a paint job that looks like it belongs in a ‘50s-era diner. Customizable with options like a stovetop, refrigerator, sink, hot water plumbing, a roof rack and even solar panels, the Dinky Dub has enough room to accommodate a variety of setups.

Dub Box — which is still finalizing the trailer’s design but hopes to have it to market by 2017 — hasn’t set prices on all the different options yet, but says a base model Dinky will start at $12,800.

At that price, we’re gonna go ahead and declare ourselves big fans of the little guy.

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