This Ravine-Spanning House Is a Tree Fort, All Grown Up

Yeah, that’s a double staircase to the roof

March 5, 2018 9:00 am

Today in cabin porn: this Ontario home by Llama Urban Design on Lake Mary, two hours north of Toronto.

Built across a little ravine, the approximately 125-foot-long volume has large windows facing the lake and a beach nearby, with the opposite side facing a sun-dappled canopy. Finished in local wood from an array of trees, the warm tones inside bring life even in the winter months, because this home serves as more than just a summer getaway.

Thatt said, summer is certainly the most appealing time to come, with all that lake and all that roof on offer. Two external staircases carry you to the latter, where views of the lake, treetops and bountiful wildlife awai.

Not a bad place to take it all in.

The Bridge House (5 images)

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