A Mad Scientist Just Designed a Thrill Ride That Reacts to Your Fear

The braver you are, the faster it goes

April 10, 2017 9:00 am

The Neurotransmitter 3000 sounds like a futuristic torture machine some wacko European scientist dreamt up in a lab somewhere.

Appropriately enough, that’s exactly what it is.

Designed by Daniel de Bruin, the Neurotransmitter 3000 is a 23-foot-tall, 360-degree solo swing that whips around and adjusts its speed based on biometric data collected from sensors hooked to its rider. By monitoring physical indicators like heart rate, body temperature and muscle tension, the  Neurotransmitter 3000 speeds up for cool and collected riders but slows down for scaredy cats. Kind of like the operator of the mechanical bull at your local country-themed watering hole. “Normally in a thrill ride you must surrender yourself to the man with the buttons. But now your body is in control,” de Bruin told Quartz. “At the same time it’s hard to control your vital data.”

Deep breaths, buddy. 

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