A Billionaire’s Guide to the Most Unique Executive Office Supplies

March 6, 2017 5:00 am
Eight Essential Executive Office Items
(Courtesy of Wealth Solutions)
Eight Essential Executive Office Items
The Montegrappa Gautier Cognac Pen is mightier, or at least more expensive, than the sword. (Courtesy of Wealth Solutions)


For the truly prestigious executive offices, there’s a need for more than just framed pictures of the kids and family dog.

Some have quirks like hidden wall doorways or private ensuite bathrooms. Others have priceless paintings on the walls à la Bert Cooper’s office in Mad Men. But those are relatively commonplace compared to the list of unique items that RCL has recommended to turn a workspace downright palatial.

Eight Essential Executive Office Items
(Courtesy of Dyson)


Dyson Csys Lamps – $740 (floor) or $490 (desk) – These are the cheapest buy on our list by far, but without a doubt, the most cost effective. That’s because they will stay illuminated for about 16.4 years. Your secretary will thank you. Buy one here.

Eight Essential Executive Office Items
(Courtesy of Bel&Bel)


Spider Side Panels Furniture Set – $1,550 each – Clearly, the esteemed executive needs a waiting area outside his office. A good investment is the full monty from Spanish designers Bel&Bel, who take rusted out old Vespas and repurpose them into unique office furniture. Each chair or sofa in the set is constructed with actual side-panels of Vespas. For an additional $100, they’ll make the lights flash. For more on the sofas and chairs, click here.

Eight Essential Items for Your Executive Office
(Courtesy of Steiner Sports)


Babe Ruth Single-Signed Baseball in Display Case – $9,000 – With baseball season fast approaching, one way of telling clients that you’re up for playing ball—or just have an expensive taste for paperweights—is by having the greatest baseball player in the history of the game’s John Hancock smack dab on the front of your desk. For more information on the ball, click here.

Eight Essential Items for Your Executive Suite
Signature Altwork Station (Courtesy of Altwork)


Signature Altwork Station – $5,900 – The exec of the future will need this space-age workstation to keep up with the Joneses. What may, at first glance, look like the chair James Bond got tortured on in Spectre, is in fact the height of ergonomics and round-the-clock productivity. For more on the workstation of the future, click here.

Air Bonsai Tree – $10,000 – Having a garden variety bonsai tree in an office is strictly for middle management. With a pledge of $10K to Hoshinchu’s Kickstarter campaign, though, a high-level executive will get the world’s first—as far as we can tell—only levitating bonsai tree (and a tour of the factory, among other additional perks). More on how you can get one here.

Montegrappa Gautier Cognac Pen (see top ) – $16,000 (gold) or $5,000 (silver) – It may be the smallest office tool that can make the biggest mark. Literally. The Montegrappa Gautier cognac pen is crafted out of oak, with sterling silver or gold inlay, depending on preference (just 100 were made in silver, and 10 in gold). But it’s what inside the pen’s cap that’ll get underlings talking: It’s got a single droplet of 1762 Gautier cognac inside it. The 275-year-old spirit was purchased by the pen’s maker, Wealth Solutions, at a Bonhams auction in 2014. For more information on the pen, click here.

Eight Essential Executive Office Items
(Courtesy of MotoArt)


B-25 Bomber Desk – $35,000 – If this item sounds familiar, you may have read our story on functional supplies made out of recycled bombs. Thankfully, MotoArt also makes standout executive desks. While the company has a number of options available, the B-25 desk is the priciest and has the greatest history angle: It was produced from the wing-section of a World War II bomber. There are only six left, snap up one son here.

Diamond-Encrusted Headset – $50,000 – Every executive spends a fair amount of time on the phone. And since we’re living in the age of the bluetooth headset, there’s the highest-end option from Plantronics. Though a representative from the company told RealClearLife they’re no longer making new ones, the BluetoothDiscovery 925 model was first produced in 2009 for an auction in the company’s Asia office. Now, they are just available in the secondary market. For all of Plantronics’ other products, click here.

—Will Levith for RealClearLife



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