Let’s All Sell Our Houses and Start a Colony of These Gorgeous Houseboats

They're 100% self-sufficient. And hot damn do they look good.

July 8, 2016 9:00 am

From Star Trek to The Jetsons to The Fifth Element, artistic interpretations of the future have tended to work on the assumption that when humans run out of space, we’ll simply build up, and live in the sky.

Luckily, Hollywood writers aren’t designing the future of living spaces.

These guys are.

Waterlovt is a new Dutch houseboat concept braced with more sci-fi automation and efficiency features than you can shake a hoverboard at. That these features are finished with a flair for breathtaking modern design is just icing on the cake.

Let’s start with what you can see: the vessel comes in four sizes — the smallest is 90 square meters, the largest 240. Living quarters (state-of-the-art kitchen, home theater, satellite TV, a slew of automated smarthome features) are above board, sleeping quarter below. And everything you see is customizable, from the layout and room sizes to the materials used for finishes and furnishings.

But the boat really separates itself from the competition with a slew of next-gen tech that can render it entirely self-sufficient.

First, the solar power. Waterlovt can be outfitted with a few different setups: the basic package lets you go off-grid during the daytime, but they’ve also got an option that allows for 24-hour operation. All models come with a grid connection for emergencies.

Beyond that, you’ve also got a desalination system that deftly makes seawater potable and a sewage treatment facility that treats all waste water before safely discharging it back into the wild.

All in, Waterlovt is a shining beacon of sustainable living, and it’s also been designed to be “future-proof”: everything on board is easily recyclable, such that new components can be easily integrated as technology occasions them.

Your move, George Jetson.

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