Pair These 10 Winter Blankets With Whiskey and a Fire

Great Lakes quilts, (faux) polar bearskins and weighted throws

January 12, 2018 9:00 am

Picture, if you will, a perfect winter’s day.

It probably involves some skiing, snowmobiling or pond hockey followed by hoisting your dogs next to a fireplace with some booze and a warm blanket. Today, we’re here to help with the latter.

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best quilts, throws, bedspreads and all manner of thermal covering. Don’t let the temperature fluctuations fool you — winter is far from over. But even when spring comes, these statement blankets will offer just as much style as they do substance.

“The Return” Wool Blanket by Eighth Generation
Many wool blankets on the market are “inspired” by Native American designs but don’t actually benefit that community or work with them. Eighth Generation is a Native-owned company that works with and promotes Native artists. This two-sided, queen-sized wool blanket was designed by Sonja Holy Eagle, an Oglala Lakota artist.

Pendleton Harding Jacquard Blanket
One of the most popular designs from the company, this stately heater features napped jacquard fabric and comes in at a cocoon-able 64” x 80”.

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket in Baja Fade
The latest from Rumpl’s outdoor-approved line takes their travel-ready, down-insulated mainstay and slaps a Baja California Sur sunset on it.

Haptic Lab Great Lakes Quilt
The hand-appliqued Great Lakes on this superfine cotton throw are made of poly silk, giving them a magnificent shine against the subdued, homestyle quilting.

Weighted Cotton Blanket
A two-person, larger-than-king-size weighted blanket engineered to increase relaxation and help restless sleepers.

Polar Bear Rug Throw
All the Old-World feel of a polar bearskin rug, without the cruelty. This 100% Mongolian cashmere stunner is sustainably and harmlessly sourced.

Faherty Aspen Sherpa Blanket
After years of crafting simultaneously cool and comfy-as-hell garments, we’re not surprised the folks at Faherty also can stitch the same attributes into a blanket.

Faribault Northern Fair Isle Wool Blanket
An American staple since 1865, Faribault still has tricks up its snug sleeve. Namely, this hefty and handsome Fair Isle design.

Askov Finlayson Arctic Quilt
Another one from Haptic Lab, partnered with the Minnesota menswear brand, this quilt features hand-stitched details “marking the boundaries of Arctic sea ice in years past, and where it could shrink to in the future without immediate action.” Appropriately, this purchase supports Climate Generation’s mission to empower communities to engage in climate change solutions.

Parachute Essential Quilt
If you’re looking for a one-way ticket to Naptown, look no further than this linen and Egyptian cotton go-to.

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