This House Will Make You Wish You Lived Under a Rock

Literally. It’s a house built into rock and it’s stunning.

July 21, 2016 9:00 am

We don’t normally say this but, we wish we lived under a rock. Specifically, this rock, in Russia, on which Igor Sirotov architects developed this almost cruelly badass house for a private client.

It’s called the PS1 House and with it the architects wanted to design something that blended well into the environment. The end result is a deconstructed super-swanky abode: the rooms are all individual structures connected by exterior staircases, filled with gloriously comfortable beds, fireplaces and crazy-gorgeous views of the water.

The dimly lit concrete interior is vaguely ominous, but in like a sexy villain kind of way that smacks of Ex-Machina or Spectre.

The rooms stagger down from the top of the giant rock, concluding at a deck replete with lounge chairs and kayaks. There’s a pool out there too of course, although whether it’s even physically possible to drag yourself from those beds remains a question.

Check out more pics below:

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