Want Your Living Room to Match Your Porsche? Now There’s a Paint For That.

There are four distinct colors to choose from

Porsche with green paint
Porsche and Backdrop are teaming up.
Ian Evan Lam/Backdrop

Since its founding, the paint company Backdrop has gotten plenty of attention for its direct-to-consumer business model and its high-profile collaborations, which has encompassed everything from Dunkin Donuts to Barbie. Their latest collaboration is a bit more automotive in nature, however, and is geared toward anyone who’s ever thought, “The color of this car is great — now, if only I could make the inside of my home look the same way.” And if you’re a Porsche fan pondering a home redecoration, we have good news for you.

The collaboration includes four distinct colors, each of which alludes to a significant vehicle from Porsche’s history. Irish Green made its debut on a Porsche 356C in 1964. Two of the colors — Speed Yellow and Ruby Star — first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1991. And Riviera Blue is the newest of the four, having arrived on the scene in 1994. That one’s been available on the Porsche 911, 928 and 968.

All four Porsche-inspired paint colors are set to go on sale on July 11, 2023.

“It has been an absolute dream come true to collaborate with Porsche, especially during their 75th year, and to be inspired by its rich history,” said Backdrop co-founder Natalie Ebel in a statement. “I am incredibly excited to translate our shared love of design and spirit of self-expression into a collection that will take on new life in our homes and on our walls.”

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As Autoblog notes, there’s one more incentive to sweeten the deal for buyers — free keychains with each paint purchased. The Venn diagram overlap between Porsche fans and interior design enthusiasts may well be larger than you’d expect — and one would expect that they’re greeting this news with a very tasteful celebration.

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