If Mad Max Had a Hide-a-Bed, It’d Look Like This

From Australia, with wheels

October 5, 2016 9:00 am

The Outback is home to all sorts of creepy, crawly things that go bump in the night.

Best way to avoid ’em? Bringing one of your own.

Enter the Tvan MK4, the latest offering from Melbourne-based Track Trailer. After putting five prototypes of their off-road creation through a rigorous testing program that covered thousands of miles and took their new body panels, electronics and kitchen options to task, Track Trailer felt confident enough to make the MK4 the rightful heir to the original Tvan camper.

The insulated trailer has enough room to fit a queen-size mattress, but can also be opened up in less than a minute to provide an elevated floor for an attachable canvas tent that doubles the amount of living space.

In addition to offering a variety of storage options, the MK4 offers a “Classic” or “Premium” kitchen that can be customized with different burner, drawer, sink and windshield options, as well as a selection of windows and doors that provide variable security and shading.

Pricing depends on the customization package, but Track Trailer is happy to offer a quote, mate.

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