Shopping Art

By The Editors
July 13, 2012 9:00 am

Wall art’s a must have, but the suspicion that you’re being bamboozled by gallery owners is enough to make a man give up and just buy those Beaux-Arts corbels from Restoration Hardware. At least then you know you’re getting ripped off.

Edify yourself, patron-to-be, and buy at insider prices, at Artspace.

[callout] … a) educate you on the art market, b) sell you gorgeous fine art [/callout]

Framed up by the founder of seminal artist foundation Artadia, Artspace is curated by major museums (Berkeley Art Museum, the Musee d’Art Moderne, etc.), and its mission is two-fold: educate members on fine art, and sell paintings, sculptures and photos from up-and-coming artists, and those who have already upped and came.

To search for what could be the next Damien Hirst (or an actual Damien Hirst), simply slice-and-dice the site via the filters (small paintings under $250, large photographs over $5,000, etc.), or click tagged artwork to see similar subjects, like geometric, animals, and death.

Recommended discoveries: the eye-popping anime stylings of Takashi Murakami, David Levinthal’s vintage doll photos and glamtastic concert pics (Iggy Pop, Freddy Mercury, others) by noted rock photog Mick Rock.

Most of the art ranges from $1000-$5000; if you join via InsideHook, you’ll receive $25 off your first order, or enough to make a very small dent in an awesomely crushed Trans Am sculpture.

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