It’s Ugly, but It’s a House and You Can Buy It on Amazon

Guessing they don't deliver this one by drone

October 13, 2017 9:00 am

People say you can buy “anything” on Amazon — but they don’t entirely mean it. They mean you can buy diapers, pens, books, DJ equipment, clothes, vitamins, desks, and jeans. But not everything. Not penguins. Not enlightenment. Not houses. 

Well … actually, that list is out of date. You can now buy a house on Amazon. A not-particularly-good-looking one, but a house all the same: “fully finished, includ[ing] bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area.” Actually, this would qualify as one of the worst-looking pre-fab houses we’ve seen. The picture, you may not be surprised to read, is of a shipping container with windows dropped in a parking lot. Oh, and with French doors. Basically, it’s terrible. 

We’re willing to overlook a lot to buy on Amazon: For one thing, our credit card number is already stored, which means less typing, which makes us happy. Out of the site’s five possible stars, though, the pre-fab house from MODS only scores 3.5, with one furious one-star review we can’t quote from here because it looks like it might actually qualify as slander, and three better reviews that might not have been written by people who live in these storage containers.

Even worse news: It’s not eligible for Prime. 

We’ll wait for the penguin. 

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