You Will Sleep in an Air-Conditioned Box and Like It

New "localized cooling" bed makes comfy sleep energy efficient

July 17, 2017 9:00 am

It’s pretty well established that the ideal room temperature for sleep is between 67-72 degrees.

But that doesn’t make it the ideal room temp for being awake.

Given that many people live in places where window units and portable AC machines reign supreme, it’s tough for folks to keep the room evenly cooled throughout the day and also be comfortable throughout the night. Plus, there’s at least a drop of irony in the fact that the more we run AC machines, the more we generate pollution that further warms the planet, the more we require further temperature regulation.

The entrepreneurs at the Aries Group, a UAE concern, have a novel approach to this: localize the cooling around the bed via a solar-powered AC system.

Dubbed the Solar AC Bed, the idea is to surround the bed with a curtain that absorbs solar rays during the day, stores them in a battery that then powers the bed’s AC, keeping its occupants perfectly cooled throughout the night.

Although the device can be powered traditionally via a wall adapter, they predict an 80 percent energy savings for those who tap the solar option. They’re also marketing their bed to eco-resorts, where the rooms are frequently open-air, yet still subject to hot nights. Not to mention, the cooling curtain doubles as a mosquito net.

Not getting malaria and staying cool at night … that makes two things Aries doesn’t want us losing sleep over.

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