This Is the Electric Speedboat Racers Dream Of

It's like skipping a stone, only bigger

July 22, 2016 9:00 am

While it’s true that electric vehicles are fast becoming more popular, they’re also becoming just straight-up fast.

Case in point: The Edorado 7S electric speedboat from international boatbuilding firm Edorado Marine.

The Amsterdam/Shanghai-based company — which employs Dutch, Swedish, American, Chinese and German designers and engineers — created the electric watercraft over the course of two years, and they’re finally ready to bring the sustainable speedboat to market.

Given that the 7S is a hydrofoil, we’d wager a good portion of that time was spent making sure the boat could boogie…and waterproofing all of its electric parts. As the 7S accelerates, the foils on the underside of its body unfurl, lifting the hull out of the water to increase the watercraft’s top speed and give it more range.

“The hydrofoil design minimizes the required power-up to 40 knots,” boat designer Tom Speer told Dezeen. “It is stable in pitch, heave and roll, so the boat’s safety doesn’t depend on an active control system, which would be complex, redundant and expensive.”

As if the next-level tech weren’t enough, the 7S is also dressed to impress. The sleek boat’s exterior looks like a silver bullet, while its interior is outfitted with banana-yellow leather seats and gray finishings.

Edorado is already taking preorders for the 7S and the company is also working on a line of charging stations that will be powered with solar energy.

Don’t forget your life jacket.

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