Vehicles | August 23, 2020 6:30 am

New Luxury SUV Coming Soon From Russian Automaker Aurus

Patent images bring details of the 2022 Aurus Komendant SUV

Aurus SUV
The Aurus Komendant SUV.

In 2018, the Russian government unveiled a new line of high-end limousines designed for government officials. The automaker, Aurus, blended luxury with more pragmatic elements, such as armor and medical supplies, in the design of the limos. Evidently, Aurus wasn’t done there; the company has gradually expanded into other automotive offerings.

The latest from Aurus came to light via a patent filing made available by the Russian agency Rospatent. As Ronan Glon notes in a report for AutoBlog, the patent information leaking effectively pre-empted the announcement of Aurus’s latest vehicle: the 2022 Aurus Komendant luxury SUV.

What else can we learn from this patent filing? The SUV resembles the limo Aurus has made, for one thing. It’s also massive: the AutoBlog report speculates that there could be three rows of seats within its cabin. As for performance details, well, some of those have emerged as well:

It was allegedly developed as a fully original platform with input from Porsche Engineering and Bosch. Like its sedan counterpart, it’s powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine that’s twin-turbocharged to develop 600 horsepower. Rumors claim a V12 and a hybrid option will be offered later in the production run.

AutoBlog’s report places the price tag at around $300,000, and estimates that the SUV will go on sale before year’s end. That said, Aurus seems unlikely to make a foray into the American market right now. To see one of these up-close, you might need to engage in some travel — whenever that’s returned to normal.

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