Travel | March 12, 2021 1:36 pm

Seattle’s Airport Just Opened a Shots-Only Bar

It's called ... Shot Bar.

Alcohol being poured into a line of shot glasses set up on a bar
Seattle's new pop-bar is for shots only.
Reds / Getty Images

I’m not sure if you’re the passenger I’m looking to fly with if you’re doing shots before a flight, but Seattle’s airport thinks differently: Sea-Tac Airport has just opened a shots-based bar called, natch, Shot Bar.

According to Eater, this pop-up bar is located at the Rel’Lish Burger Lounge in the B Concourse. Chilled shots are served in mini red plastic Solo cups, and you’re probably familiar with the brands: Hornitos Crystalino tequila, Ketel One cucumber and mint-flavored vodka, Brown Sugar Bourbon, Fireball and Skrewball Peanut Butter whiskey. It’s $7 for a single shot, $10 for a double, and everything has to be consumed at the counter.

As chef Kathy Casey noted in a statement (via One Mile at a Time): “Limited seats are available for passengers to have a cocktail at the airport due to physical distancing protocols, but the interest from travelers for adult libations remains high. SHOT BAR addresses that in a fun and pioneering way! Plus, there’s nothing more fun than a quick shot to kick off vacation.”

The airport’s Director of Commercial Management also called the bar concept “innovative” and a “positive experience for travelers.”

Overall, if the concept can improve airport business — which has suffered quite a bit during COVID — and passengers take it easy, there’s probably no more harm to this than any other airport bar which, you know, can also serve shots (plus, your mask will be off for far less time). And as someone who’s downed two margaritas on a Monday morning before a flight at third-rate airport Mexican restaurant, I’m not one to judge.